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The following email/letter was received and is reprinted here
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Dear Tahtonka: I have read what is happening to the Dineh people from Big Mountain and it sickens my soul to see history repeat itself. There is a lot for me to read, but I would like to ask of you the following. Firstly is there a petition page that can be signed. Besides that, to whom can a written and signed petition be sent.  Obviously there are a lot of groups over the world up in arms about this, but I would like to include Southern Africa as well. Then, I would like to send an article about what is happening to the Dineh people, as well as, some pictures, to one of our magazines here, to make people aware of what is happening.  I can unfortunately not guarantee that it will be printed, but I want to at least try.  Can you do that, or is there an article that I can ask to print a copy of.  This magazine reaches the whole of Southern Africa. If I feel so helpless while reading all this, I do not want to imagine how the First Nations people must feel.  All of you are in our prayers, esp. the Dineh and the people from Pine Ridge. I would like to share a poem with you that I have written some time ago, I do not know why I am doing this, but feel I have to, because with this it is so true. I would appreciate knowing in which small way we can help.  Financial would be difficult because our currency is very weak towards the USD, but in which ever way, no matter how small it might seem. Thanking you in advance and looking forward to hearing from you.





You America!  What have you done!


You America what have you done!

They are your biggest treasure.

What happened to them they are all gone.

In their hearts and souls they carried

Mother Earth’s gift, her pleasure.


You America what have you done!

Their hearts and souls one with Nature

Money and foolish pride your fun

Poverty stricken, alcoholism, no way out

Hanging over them your polluted cloud


You America what have you done!

Have you forgotten then America

The Trail of Tears then America

They’re still there then America

In your earth, trees then America

Your birds your buffalo your wolves then America

No matter what you do then America

They will always be there America


You America what have you done!

Framing some leave them behind bars

Their faces their souls showing scars

But their spirits you’ll never bring down

No! You are the one that will drown


You America what have you done!

Your stolen land will become too small

Where America will you then run?

The buffalo, the wolf, their cries will haunt you

You will run no where to hide

You too will one day die


You America what have you done!

The Great Spirit watches as you destroy

All they ever wanted, to live off their land

Can’t you hear from the land their heartbeat?

With all your greed and lust who do you destroy?


You America what have you done!

The Spirit watch as you play

You with all your political games

They knows what you have done

No matter where you hide, they will come

"I will fight no more forever"

You America what have you done!


By Esatue

Dedicated to One Eagle who has been sitting in a Florida jail since 1983.



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