Jack Szelka
 American Native Photographer


The rich cultures and traditions of American Natives

encompass many forms and styles of artwork.

These fine artists and museums represent just a few

of the many tribes and geographical areas.

For many Native People making and selling

their artwork is their only form of income.

Please remember that unless Reservation Natives

leave to work and pay into the Social Security system,

they will not receive any retirement income.


*If you are a Native Artist with a phone number,*

email address or web site, please write to be listed here.

A Gallery Of American Natives 

Jack Szelka Photos

Johnston, Rhode Island

A treasure in New England for countless years,

Jack captures the heart and soul of

American Natives at local pow wows.

Call Jack for more information:

401 942-2263

This is live American Indian Radio

and to quote them, " Indigenous Rocks."


These two web sites list Art Events:

Americans for the Arts - Events


One of this country's finest museums

devoted to the Western Culture of America.

The Autry Museum

of Western Heritage

Kicking Bear painted his story many years after the battle.

Now, his beautiful vision is captured for all time.

Battle of the Little Big Horn Painting

The American Native photography of Benedicte Wrensted,

was a little known treasure, only recently discovered.

Benedicte Wrenste Photography

Plains Indian Ledger Art, is a publishing project

of the Department of Ethnic Studies at UCSD.

Blackhawk Ledger

Cheyenne Ledger

Outstanding Exhibits here include:

 Plains Indians, Cody Firearms and various

paintings and sculptures by Remington.

The Buffalo Bill Historical Center

A wonderful place to introduce children

to the culture of the Iroquois people.

The Cayuga Museum's Iroquois Center

The photography of Edward Sherriff Curtis

is the standard to which many others aspire.

His work holds the American Native still in time.

The Curtis Collection

Committed to the preservation of Earth's resources,

their drums are hand made and Earth friendly.

Earth Shadow Design: The Drum People

This museum in my hometown, has excellent

Native American displays and exhibits,

as well as an Indian Market.

Eiteljorg Museum of American

Indians and Western Art

We shall be forever indebted to Frances Densmore,

for her extraordinary efforts in the recording

and preservation of American Native music.

Frances Densmore

Located on Hatteras Island, in

the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

Frisco Native American Museum

A comprehensive collection of the photographs

and illustrations of James Mooney, 1891-1893.

The Ghost Dance

Western Canada's largest museum, with over

20 galleries and 93,00 square feet of exhibitions.

The Glenbow Museum of Canada

Cheyenne/Arapaho Harvey Pratt is a

Master artist, teacher, trainer and

veteran law enforcement forensic artist.

Harvey Phillip Pratt

This museum of Native Cultures and Art,

emphasizes the People of the Southwest.

The Heard Museum

One of the oldest and most important

American Native Museums in this Country.

The Hearst Museum of Anthropology

Exhibition of works by famous Plains artists:

Blackbear Bosin, Woody Crumbo,

Doc Tate Nevaquaya, Dorothy Sullivan.

Indian Center Museum

This nonprofit organization owned and run by Inuit artists,

was established in 1985 to help artists help themselves.

Inuit Art Foundation

A unique museum of art and artifacts from the

Native Americans of the Plains and the Southwest.

The Koshare Indian Museum

Native Alaskan Paintings and Drawings

Native Alaskan Graphic Arts:
Founding Artists

An extensive resource list of museums,

cultural centers, photographs and paintings.

Native American

Museums and Archives

Meet the young film makers

from the Montana State University.

Native Voices Public Television

The Pitt Rivers Museum at Oxford University has created

this beautiful collection of American Indian photographs.

The Pitt Rivers Museum

An historical photographic representation of

Red Cloud's manikin by the Smithsonian Museum.

Red Cloud's 1873 Manikin

A premiere artist of the nineteenth century American Natives.

(to read the entire story, click on full text at the bottom)

Seth Eastman

This wonderful Southern Californian Museum

also has an excellent reference/research library.

The Southwest Museum

This exhibit at the Smithsonian Museum displays the art work

of Squint Eyes, Tichkematse, the Cheyenne prisoner/artist.

Squint Eyes: Artist and Indian Scout

A beautiful collection of photographs from the

Mathers Museum at the University of Indiana.

The Wanamaker Collection of

Native American photographs


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