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A Bison in the Black Hills - late 1990's


Many of you want to protect us,

but are not sure just how to help.

Please begin by learning more about us

and then taking those actions that

will ensure our future on Mother Earth.


The Buffalo Are Going Home

This is one of the best things to happen to Buffalo
in this country for over one hundred years.

Instead of being killed, the overpopulation Buffalo
of Yellowstone Park, will now be sent instead to
neighboring Reservations.

Now we need to go even further and send some of these
wild Buffalo to every single Native Nation in the West.

They belong with the people, all of the people.

Tribes Prepare For Homecoming of Wild Bison



The American Bison or Buffalo once numbered in the

millions and were the single most important part

of the Plains Peoples lives or culture.

Every part of the Bison was used to sustain themselves,

nothing was wasted.

The meat was eaten fresh and the rest dried for later,

the skins were made into robes, rugs and clothing as well

as a place to record their Tribal history or winter count.

Frequently, the large organs became vessels to carry water.


The end of this beautiful relationship came with the arrival of

the Trains and land devouring non natives from the East.

Buffalo Bill along with many other Bounty Hunters,

decimated not only a National Treasure, but an entire

way of life for a vast region of Indigenous People.


Today, with much assistance, the Bison is making a recovery,

but it comes too late for those who had revered it.

Most of the Plains People whose lives had been centered

around the Bison now live on Reservations and although many

of the Elders still hope for a return to their former Bison culture,

the chances of this happening remains in question.


These web sites provide further information about

the Bison, their importance in American Native

culture and some of the many groups

who are attempting to protect them.


American Buffalo: Spirit of a Nation

Bison Back in North Dakota


Buffalo Rescue

Friends of the Prairie

Intertribal Bison Cooperative

Montana Large Animal Sanctuary

National Bison Range Wildlife Refuge


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