President Jimmy Carter


President Jimmy Carter
Photo by Rick Diamond/Carter Center


Jimmy Carter

Jimmy Carter has done more for Human Rights after

leaving the office of President than any other in our History.

This man dedicated to peace, is respected around the World

for his devotion to the Humanities and was awarded the

Nobel Peace Prize in 2002 for a lifetime of work.


Jimmy and wife Rosalynn spend one week a year

helping to build Houses with Habitat for Humanity.

Carter still travels the World in the pursuit of Peace

and recently ran into a wall in Darfur where he was

 not particularly welcomed with open arms.


When he isn't working at his Humanitarian focused Carter Center,

writing another book, 22 so far, or visiting a Country

seeking his advice on Peace, Jimmy and Rosalynn

can be found at their home in Plains, Georgia

enjoying some rare quiet time together.



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