Clothing, Shelter, Tools and Accessories


A Lakota Hide


This aspect of American Native culture,

is the fourth most sought after subject,

following food, woodland natives and spirituality.

The list of web sites below explores these topics:

clothing, shelter, tools and accessories.



These museums offer some of the finest collections

of American Native Clothing and Accessories.


The Canadian Museum of Civilization
Stones Unturned
Threads of the Land

The Glenbow Museum
Ethnology Collection

The Luxton Museum
The Plains Indian

The Royal Ontario Museum
Bone Snow Knives and Tin Oil Lamps:
Enduring Traditions Among Canada's First Peoples


Places to learn more:

Alaskan Native Clothing

Alaskan Native Textiles

Clothing of California Natives

The Chilkat Blanket

Indian Uses of Asphaltum

Kansas Indians - Rocks and Minerals

Lakota Winter Counts - Smithsonian

Minnesota Prehistoric Technologies

Native American Clothing - Pitt Rivers Museum

National Museum of Natural History, Native Cultures of the Americas

Native Pre-Contact Housing

Plains Indians Hair Pipes

Rawhide Containers

Tools Used by California Natives

Use of Geologic Materials by Prehistoric Cultures


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