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Vice President Gore defines Global Warming in California.

Photo credit: Brett Wilson


Global Environment

Recently, a face familiar to the Global Environment Community

received the Nobel Peace Prize, most likely as a direct response

to his Academy Award winning film, An Inconvenient Truth,

but hopefully it was for a lifetime dedicated to

the search for a solution to Global Warming.

Vice President Gore has once again pleaded his case for

the alarming state of our Planet and warned what we

had all better be doing if we wish to be able to

pass it along to our children.


Mr. Gore, or as he likes to introduce himself,

"I am Al Gore, I used to be the next President

of the United States of America"

is finally beginning to get some well deserved respect.

Please, see the film and choose to become a part

of the solution to Global Warming.


These are just a few of the thousands of web sites

where you can learn more about our Global Environment:


A passionate man has his sights set on bringing water

to African farmers in a most ingenious manner.

Africa Windmill Project


If you have thought about going Solar,

this is the place to learn more and find out why

we should all be getting it into our lives right now.

American Solar Energy


An outstanding Reference Resource for the studies

in Environmental Sciences from Columbia University.

Center for International Earth Science Network


We all know how much Jacques Cousteau has given

the World through his years of Research in the Seas.

Now his son carries on his father's work

and we are all the better for them both.

Turn up your volume here~

Cousteau Society


Want to see the real Canaries in the coalmine of this Planet?

This rare and beautiful web site shows why these are the real deal

when it comes to how Global Warming is affecting those with no voice.

EALAT - Reindeer Herders Vulnerability Network


This Mega Site from NASA has just

about everything Environmental that exists.

If it's about the Planet Earth it's here.

Earth Science Data and Services Directory


A really good Reference Resource for

Environmental, Social and Economic Issues.

Earth Trends: Environmental Information


Bringing people together to solve Global Hunger,

this Christian Non profit group has the world in focus.

Networking Global Hunger Solutions



This British web site has the look and feel of grass roots

with its back to the 70's approach to the Environment.

Friends of the Earth


Two excellent web sites with Environmental

Statistics and data from the United Nations.

Main Environmental Indicators


A really unique web site dedicated to the Global Environment.

Green Pages:

The Global Directory for Environmental Technology


NOAA gives you the latest information on the exact

conditions and what is occurring all over our Planet.

National Geophysical Data Center


And Robert Redford wants us to vote those into office who

will lead us out of the dark ages of Energy and into the future.

We Can't Drill Our Way Out of This Mess


An unusual group dedicated to Global Environment.

Their approach is upbeat and positive rather than

the usual alarmists screaming to save the world.

Environmental News is given highest priority,

enhanced by their partnership with Reuters.

Welcome to Planet Ark


This web site, World Environment Organization,

is a who's who of everything Environmental.

For those involved in Environmental Research, this page

lists the top 100 sites dedicated to the Environment.

100 Top Environment Sites


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