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Africa, like no other Country in the World has a mystique,

a charm and a terror all wrapped up in one Continent.

The landscape is one of the most breathtaking that exists,

her people have one of the oldest and richest forms of culture

and yet there are more starving, more sick and dying,

more wars being fought here than anywhere else on Earth,

she is the Dichotomy that is Africa.


The multitude of people who reside in Africa and

the myriads of cultures that they represent

are well covered by the web pages here:


PBS has created this wonderful educational

web site covering the Continent of Africa.

Africa: Explore the Regions


A fascinating paper from Africa Studies Quarterly

African Culture and Personality


An easy to use, data rich,  great Reference Resource.

A History of Nations - Africa


Minnesota State University designed this

great way to look up the Individual Tribes

and many different Peoples of Africa.

African Cultures


The Library of Congress web site is a great tool for Teachers.

Country Studies - Africa


Stanford University offers this easy to navigate

web site to help you learn more about Africa.

Africa South of the Sahara


An outstanding web site created by a

Connecticut elementary school is one of

the most complete for all things that are Africa,

and a very good starting place for Teachers.



This web site is dedicated to defining Human Origins

and if you believe that this occurred in Africa,

this is an awesome place to find information.



Not your usual statistics, data and maps,

the subject of this web site is Human Rights

and how the people of Africa are treated.

It is graphic and intense and not for the faint of heart.

Human Rights Watch - Africa


The critical connection to the outside World for

oppressed people who only wish to have the freedom

that the rest of us take very much for granted.


Voice of America - Africa News


Improving lives through Biodiversity Research.

Bioversity International - Africa


Finally, a personal favorite link to those who know

firsthand about the Ancient History of Africa

and her people from years of meticulous study.

The Leakey's



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