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Frieze of Horses and Rhinos
Plaoelithic Cave Art Chavet
Southern France

Komo Ombo Temple
Photo credit: hajor

Chen Hongshou
Late Ming Dynasty

Confucius presents
Buddha to Laozi
Ming Dynasty

Haniwa Horse - Japan -  Song Dynasty
Haniwa Horse
Kofun Period
Sixth Centruy Japan

The Thinker
Auguste Rodin - Paris, France
Photo credit: deror avi

Bat God, Funery Urn, Oaxaca, Mexico Period III
Bat God
Funery Urn Period III
Oaxaca, Mexico

Butterfly and Chinese
Wisteria flowers
Xi Xu - Song Dynasty


Global Art

Art is described in Culture as that thing which is not necessary

for life or sustenance, but that pleases the senses.

If you consider the affect of the Arts, they are

aesthetically necessary for the Human spirit.


For many, life without Art would be very dull, for some meaningless.

Human Art has many forms, but when you consider it on a Global Scale,

when you combine the numbers of people and countries

who create Art, it is a considerable subject to address.


The web sites found on this page will explore

the many Regions of Global Art:

Global Regions of Art


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