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Angkor Wat Temple, Cambodia
Angkor Wat Temple, Cambodia
Photo credit: Fuzheado



The people of Asia have given the world a particular style

of art, beauty and grace that belongs to them alone.

The Countries that make up Asia includes;

Japan, India, China, Russia, Indonesia, Burma

and others to number over 400 Billion people.

Asia is home to more than half of the worlds population.


These are just a few of numerous web sites that

will help you better know the people of Asia:


An outstanding gathering of information

from the World of Geography.



A Teachers Resource, National Geographic's Expeditions.

Lesson Plans: What is Asia


Another page at National Geographic.

People and Places: Asia facts


Another wonderful web site by Teachers for Teachers.

Asia for Elementary School Students and Teachers


A great deal of statistical Asian data is here.


A data rich, easy to use great Reference Resource.

A History of Nations - Asia


The Library of Congress site is a great tool for Teachers.

Country Studies - Asia


Not your usual statistics, data and maps,

the subject of this web site is Human Rights.

This page concerns how Humans are treated in Asia.

It is often graphic and intense and not for the faint of heart.

Human Rights Watch - Asia


The critical connection to the outside World for oppressed people

 who only wish to have the freedoms that the rest of us

 take very much for granted.

Voice of America - Asia News


Reuters AlertNet Foundation is one of the

most complete sources for all News coverage.

Reuters AlertNet - Asia


Improving Lives through Biodiversity Research.

Bioversity International - Asia



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