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The Windmills of Campo de Criptana in the Region
known as La Mancha, Spain.
Photo credit: Lourdes Cardenal



The rich traditions of European Culture have impacted

much of the rest of the World and their influence

can be seen in other Cultures everywhere.


It is believed that after the first upright walking humans

 left Africa, they migrated to Europe and continued to radiate

from there to the rest of the World for thousands of years

taking their customs and traditions with them as they traveled.


These web sites will enable further understanding of the

people and culture that make up the Regions of Europe:


A fascinating, data rich web site.

Europe - Indopia


This site breaks Europe into 4 major Regions

defining the people and the places.


Cultural Regions of Europe


A unique view of the Region called Europe,

the geography and biodiversity of the vast area.

Europe's Biodiversity


This site is all about Maps and it does it well.

Maps of Europe


Not always accurate, but can usually be used

as a good comparison Reference site.

Regions of Europe - Wikipedia


A data rich, easy to use great Reference Resource.

A History of Nations - Europe


The Library of Congress site is a great tool for Teachers.

Country Studies - Europe


Information concerning the various Humanitarian

efforts carried out by this Organization.

The United Nations Development Program.

UNDP - Europe


Not your usual statistics, data and maps,

the subject of this web site is Human Rights.

This page concerns how Humans are treated in Europe.

It is often graphic and intense and not for the faint of heart.

Human Rights Watch - Europe


The critical connection to the outside World for oppressed people

who only wish to have the freedoms that the rest of us

take very much for granted.

Voice of America - Europe News


Improving Lives through Biodiversity Research.

Bioversity International - Europe



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