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Tibetan Monks protest against Chinese rule in Lhasa.

Photo credit: TV3 New Zealand


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April 10, 2012

How Many Monks Will Have to Die Before the World Gets Involved in Tibet?

The number of Tibetan monks who have died has now reached the sickening number of 25.

The tragic situation there seems out of control and unstoppable.

The only hope for Tibet is for people all over the world to unite and face down China,

declaring them to be the murderers, bullies and tyrants we all know them to be.

The Unites Nations should step in and be joined by every democratic nation in the world.

The people of Tibet have suffered with no help from the outside world for over 50 years now.

The United States has not intervened for two reasons,

there is no oil in Tibet and we want/need China to keep writing us checks.

The chance of any of this happening is extremely small, because no one wants to offend China.

Tibet Self-Immolation Death Toll Rises to 25


April 5, 2012

Victory For Suu Kyi

The elections are over in Myanmar and Suu Kyi and her party

are celebrating their long awaited victory.

You can also rejoice for her and her people with the story and video below.

Myanmar is now entering the promised land of freedom and democracy

with the courageous leader who never gave up or gave in to tyranny.

Suu Kyi can now take her rightful place in history in the country

for which she has given everything.

Suu Kyi Hopes Victor Is Dawn of New Era


March 13, 2012

Remembering Tibet

This years' anniversary of the 1959 Chinese invasion of Tibet was yet another somber reminder of

the ongoing global demonstrations of opposition to the communist country's absolute ingestion

of a people and a culture that they never can, nor ever will, truly understand or appreciate.

This beautiful story written by the translator for His Holiness the Dalai Lama shares both

the pain and grief of the Tibetan people, those who stayed and those who left, who ache

for their country and their holy leader to be returned to the way it used to be.

Losing Tibet Forever


February 8, 2012

Suu Kyi Is Ready To Take Back Her Country!

This is such wonderful news for one who has given everything nearly her entire life

for the freedom of her people.

Now she and Myanmar are about to embark on the joyous journey

that they have waited for since 1988.

Thousands Line the Streets for Aung San Suu Kyi's Campaign


August 29, 2011

The Government of China has sentenced a Tibetan monk to 11 years in prison,

for supposedly contributing to the suicide of a fellow monk in March.

This is completely unacceptable.

The world simply must stand up for and speak up for the people of Tibet,

as their tongues have been excised by the strong arm of China.

Most Tibetans understand that there may be severe reprisal for opposing the

will of the Chinese Government and live in fear for their lives.

There must be some country on this planet who is not indebted to China, who can

tell them that they are bullies and then they must refuse to do business with them.

Of course, we in America cannot do this because we are indebted to them for billions

of dollars in loans and are afraid to speak out against their inhumane treatment of not

only their own people, but so many others as well.

China Sentences Tibetan Monk


August 27, 2011

The current unrest in Tibet has prompted yet another squeeze by China,

as three Tibetan monks are being put on trial for homicide in

the suicide death of a 16 year old monk in March.

The suicide death last week of another monk, has only led to the

noose around Tibet's neck becoming even tighter, as the Tibetan

people continue to be cut off from the rest of the world.

China Trying Monks


August 16, 2011

Yesterday in the Sichuan Province of China, another young Monk

chose to end his life, by setting himself on fire.

This latest suicide by 29 year old Tsewang Norbu,

who begged for the Dalai Lama to return,

is only the latest in a series of similar monk deaths.

China as expected, has cut the area off from the outside world,

who might try to interfere or cause trouble.

China Seals Off Region


July 23, 2011

Today in Norway, the world was stunned to see just how far the

ugly hand of terrorism has reached.

In a country where such things just do not happen, it has and

the world can only guess the cause of this lunacy by a madman.

Now we pray with the people who must deal with these horrific images

and hope that it will be resolved quickly.

Our hearts are with you in Norway and we grieve with you.

God bless~

Norway Attack


June 17, 2011

Please say a prayer for the brave women in Saudi Arabia today,

they have taken to the streets and are driving.

A privilege already enjoyed by women all over the world.

God Bless and know that women everywhere are cheering for you.

Women 2 Drive Campaign


March 11, 2011

The World is united today in prayers for the people of Japan.

Our hearts are heavy and you are on all of our minds.

Please know that help is coming for you from all over the Earth:

US Navy Poised to Help Japan


February 22, 2011

As more and more countries embrace the changes they see

happening all around them in the Arab World,

 the stakes are getting higher and more lives are being lost.

The prayers of the world are with all of those seeking Democracy and Freedom.

Whichever deity that you pray to, know this, we are all one in this cause.

Bless you all.


February 19, 2011

What began nearly a month ago in Cairo is now spreading throughout

the Arab World, including Algeria, Libya, Bahrain and Yemen.

With the smell of Freedom and Democracy so close by,

these other Countries want their turn now!


February 18, 2011

The whole world is carefully watching Egypt in their quest for Democracy.

Their success gives many other Countries the hope that they too can have Freedom.

Democracy has never had such an opportunity to blossom and seeing

that primarily peaceful, non violent protests do work,

others who seek Democracy and Freedom can now follow.

Gandhi would be pleased with this demonstration of non violent protest.


February 15, 2011

If you have a spare cell phone, it could save a live!

Josh Nesbit has just the place for your old, unwanted cell phones in Africa.

Learn more about this here:

Medic Mobile

Hope Phones


Update May 9, 2010

The pictures on this page say more than words ever could:

Tibetan Earthquake Victims - The Boston Globe


Update April 21, 2010

As the Earthquake death toll rises, tensions between Tibetans

and the Chinese do as well.

With the count now well over 2,000, traditions are being cast

aside in the rush to bury the victims quickly.

Learn more here:

Divide Widens between Tibetans and Chinese Government

Monks Pray for the Dead

Mourning for Quake Victims

Remembering the Dead


Update April 16, 2010

The situation in Tibet continues to worsen each day as more dead are found.

Learn more here:

Death toll now over 1100 in Tibet

Video of Monks in rescue efforts


April 15, 2010

6.9 Earthquake in Tibet kills hundreds

As of today the death count in the April 14th quake has surpassed 600.

Tibetan Monks are traversing the country raising funds to rescue

school children buried in the rubble of the deadly Earthquake.

This disaster follows a similar massive earthquake in Sichuan

 two years ago, which left thousands of school children dead,

 primarily a result of poorly built buildings.

During the aftermath of the disaster, many

Tibetan monks have either been killed outright

by the quake or left the area altogether.

Learn more here:

Death Toll in China Quake

Earthquake kills hundreds

Ghosts of Sichuan

Quake kills 600 plus....

To Die With Dignity in Your Own Land


January 21, 2010

The world is now being barraged with minute by minute reports of the devastation in Haiti.

What is alarming is that many of the world's richest Countries have done little if anything about the

situation, which is nearly biblical in the amount of death and destruction to the small country.

Americans as usual, responded with everything necessary to comfort the overwhelmed

people of Haiti, but where is the help from the rest of the world?

We are no longer the richest Nation on Earth, in fact we are now a Nation in debt

 to other Countries for amounts of money we cannot not even imagine.

At what point do we say to all those who have done little,

"hey, how about some help here".

Our country has just been through a historical depression/recession and is barely

 hanging on, but yet when the world calls, we respond, like always,

with everything we can send or bring to those who are suffering.

Can we ask others to share the burden with America?

Or are we afraid to offend?


March 10, 2009

On this 50th Anniversary of the takeover by China,

that sent the Dali Lama into exile,

Tibetan Monks protest once again and

Tibetans still remain hostages of the Chinese.

The Dali Lama says "China makes life Hell for Tibetans".


November 2008

Today in Bombay, many died and more were hurt by

 senseless acts of violence.

In a time when much of the world is thinking of family,

holidays and cultural customs, we are once again forced to

remember that there are still those for whom hate

remains all consuming.

The sadness and rage the world is feeling towards these cowards

 who kill innocents blindly in the name of their beliefs, cannot turn us

away from the goodness that is celebrated at this time of the year.

If Gandhi were alive, he would begin fasting and remain

steadfast in his belief that violence must be met with

not more hate, but with kindness, peace and love.

If only we had a leader somewhere in the world right now

 who could step up and show the way.


October 2008

The economic crisis in the United States, a direct result of

greed and gluttony, has now become a Global economic Event.

Banks and leaders around the world are feeling the same crush of

public pressure as those are here to respond to the current situation.

One possible benefit of this disaster is that some of the

world leaders are now sitting down and talking about how we

can work together to find a solution to these economic problems.


Any opportunity to have this happen is a good thing,

in spite of the dire reasons that may have caused it.

Now if only these same leaders could also find a way to turn

the conversation around to Global peace and understanding.


September 2008

The US elections are closing in and the rest of the world

waits to see who they will be dealing with next.

For those of us here in America, we are not really

sure who or what to believe anymore.

It would seem that candidates running for office in this

 country have one primary agenda, power.


Our country is in desperate need of a real leader.

Americas is teetering on a cliff and empty words

need to be replaced with solid deeds.

This country is mired in a most critical economical

crisis not seen since the great depression.


How and why we got here no longer matters, what matters

 is that people have lost their jobs, their homes

and now for many, their life savings.

No one cares anymore whose fault it is,

we just want someone to make it stop!

But, what we need and are absolutely demanding,

is one who is capable of not only strong leadership,

 but who will put the needs of the people first,

not who or what they believe will best serve their own needs.


August 2008

The Olympics in China focused a spotlight on this country,

 permitting a Global inspection of sorts, allowing the world a

view of what is going on in the most populous nation on Earth.

The Olympics went as well as possible considering the situation,

China kept its thumb on any who might cause embarrassment

and the world saw little to complain about in the human rights arena.

The only hiccup was the possibility of underage athletes which the

Government quickly denounced and showed proof of this being untrue.

Today, China is as it was before the Olympics,

the people still do not have the freedom to speak.


March 14, 2008

The focus of any page dedicated to Global Issues might

 likely begin with the people of Tibet or Myanmar/Burma,

whose plight has become daily fodder for Global Media

and who have for so many years been persecuted

by the tyrants who control their fate.

There are to be sure, countless other Global peoples

who face the identical conditions as these two do

with much less press and attention.


Once again today, as for the past sixty years, exiled Tibetans were

convincingly reminded that they have little reason to hope that their

homelands will ever be returned to them by the Chinese Government.

As this is written, Monks have been taken prisoner, some have been killed

and Tibetans march in protest in the streets of Lhasa, the capital of Tibet,

fully aware that they are outnumbered by the powerful Chinese Army

and have virtually no chance of reclaiming their ancestral homes.

Read the whole story here:

TV3 New Zealand


In response to this latest ugly power move on the Chinese chessboard,

 the Dali Lama, the US State Department and Human Rights groups

 around the world have rattled their verbal sabers at them,

 but China knows that none is really a threat in this Global game.


The correct response by the world to these newest attacks in Tibet

must be that it would be unconscionable for any country

to consider attending the summer Olympics in China.

"Boycott China" should furthermore be the mantra

of the masses for those who have no voices.


America needs to get out of the warm, comfy bed with

the Chinese and set an moral example for the world.

While China is buying our silence with their money,

their inferior, dangerous products threaten our children,

our pets and our society in general.

Can you say RECALL!

In the meantime, America is losing not only the respect

of the rest of the world, but her own people as well.


There will be few, if any, reference web pages listed here,

only updates concerning intolerable and

unacceptable Global situations.


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