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Fijian Huts in Navala in the Nausori Highlands
Photo credit: Merbabu


The Pacific

This vast Region, the Pacific, is really a mixed Geographical bag.

It is made up of Continental Islands and Island chains and is home

to about eight million people with many languages and cultures.


The Pacific Region is probably the most diverse of any and as such,

does not fit comfortably into just one neat little category.

Some group it in with Asian Regions, while others try

to squeeze it in with the Americas.


Where ever this Region ends up, it is one very unique area

and quite worthy of having its own category.


These web sites will take you to the Region called

the Pacific and share its unique history with you:


The BBC keeps tabs on all of the

News in the Pacific Region.

BBC News - Asia-Pacific


What a really neat educational web site about the people,

places and culture of the Pacific Region.

Charting the Pacific


A data rich, easy to use great Reference Resource.

A History of Nations - Oceania


A insiders view of the Region that they call home,

the geography, people and culture of the Pacific.

Our Pacific Region


This web site of the Government of Australia has everything

you could ever want to know about the "land down under".

Pacific Region


An interesting look at several of the

Endangered Languages of the Pacific Region.

Pacific Region Languages


The Encyclopedia of the World History offers the

differences in terms used in referring to the Pacific Regions.

The Pacific Region 1513- 1798


A different look at the Pacific Region,

from the National Network of Libraries of Medicine.

Regional Information for the Pacific Basin


Wikipedia is not always accurate, but it can usually

be used as a good comparison Reference site.

They do cover the Pacific Region very well.

Regions of the Pacific Ocean - Wikipedia

Pacific Islands

Pacific Rim



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