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Hall Ancestors


"Father used to say that two families, one of Halls and one of Spencers,

came from Ireland and settled at Snow Hill, Maryland,

from whom the Halls descended. According to that we are Irish

and not Dutch as you have it.

I give you the marriages and deaths on another page of father's family."


Browntown, Harrison Co., W. VA., Aug., 20, 1884


One line of the beginnings of my family was

Thomas Hall, son of John or Robert Hall,

born September 24, 1724 in Kent County?, Delaware,

who died at or near Duck Creek Crossroads, Delaware.

In 1756 in Delaware, Thomas married Rebecca Story who

was born June 10, 1730 in an area near Carlisle, England,

near the Scottish/English border.

Thomas and Rebecca had seven children:

Asa, Jordan, Rebecca, Rynear and Nathan, 2 others died??

When Thomas died May 29, in 1772 he left behind at that time,

his wife and five children.


Some years later after the Revolutionary war, Rebecca rode

by horseback (it was said that she rode side-saddle the entire way)

along the Braddock Trail, from Kent County, Delaware,

first to near the Cheat River, then later settling on a farm

further west, closer to or along the beautiful Monongahela River,

near what is now Morgantown, West Virginia,

to start a new life with her children.

Morgantown was an area with many Scottish Presbyterians???


My ancestors are from their son Jordan Hall,

who was born June 15, 1760

and died June 2, 1835.


Jordan Hall married Nancy Neal

and their daughter Rebecca Hall born June 23, 1786,

married Joseph W. ?? Brummage born ??October 9 1781,

??on November 27, 1804.


These are reference sources and I have not finished checking their accuracy:

Joseph Brumage (born 10 july 1780 in va.   died 8 feb 1829 in mono county wv)

(his father was John Brumage??)

married Hannah in 1773 in PA

Rebecca Hall (born  23 june 1786 monog county WV)    NOV 5 1804

Joseph W. Brumage   married  Rebecca Hall    NOV 15 1804

Jacob Brumage  married  Mary 1809  had daughter Julia F. Brumage


Their children:

Nathan, born 15 oct 1805, died 14 dec 1847

 Nelson, born 28 nov 1807 Mono County WV


Amanda ????

Massa HARR was born 17 Sep 1809 in , Monongalia, Virginia,

and died AFT 1850 in  Marion, Virginia.

She married Nathan BRUMMAGE 24 Mar 1828 in , Monongalia, Virginia,

 son of Joseph W. Brumage and Rebecca Hall.

He was born 15 Oct 1805 in Monongalia, Virginia, and died 14 Dec 1847 in Monongalia, Virginia.



Jordan and his brothers lived and died

within 2-3 miles of Fairmont.

Jordan Hall has three grandsons, lawyers.


g2 Jordan Hall married Nancy Neal g3 Rebecca Hall married  Joseph Brummage g4 Nelson Brummage g3 Rynear Hall m Susannah Lowe 41/74 g4 Jordan Hall m Mary Salina Morris m2 Elizabeth Swiger g4 Asa Lowe hall
g4 Elizabeth Hall
g4 Charles Swearingen Hall m Sarah F. Arnold
g4 Ephraim Benoni Hall m g4 Ella Sophia Jones (dau John & g3 Phebe Hall Jones) 32/57
g4 John Newton Hall m g4 Ann Eliza Jones (dau John & g3 Phebe Hall Jones) 32/57
g4 Rebecca Hall m Joseph S. Morris
g4 (twin) Nathan Harrison Hall
g4 (twin) Moses Allen Hall m Fidelia Martin
g4 Robert Felix Hall m Sarah J. Hayhurst
g4 Rynear Milton Hall m Sarah A. Duvall
g4 Seth Enos Hall
g4 Isaac Courtney Hall g4 James Nelson Hall g3 Mary Hall m Abram Barnes 40/74 g4 Peter Barnes
g4 William Barnes


Mary Elizabeth Brummage who married John Nugent,

 was said to have Native blood, possibly Choctaw.

John Nugent was born in 1815 Kentucky and had 11 siblings.

John married Mary Elizabeth Brummage whose family

came to Indiana from Morgantown, West Virginia.

Elizabeth was born in 1824 in Fayette, which

later became Union County, Indiana.

(This is in East-Central Indiana, near I-70 and the Ohio state line)

They were married July 21, 1842, in Union County, Indiana.


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