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Global Languages

The Rosetta Stone
It made a language out of
Egypt's Hieroglyphics.

Global Languages


Language is the primary way that most

Humans with speaking ability communicate.

Those who are unable to speak also have a Language,

it is called Sign Language.


Spoken language is what sets us apart from the

other living creatures who inhabit this Planet with us.

We learn our individual language at our Mother's knee

and hopefully will retain it all of our lives.


As for current Global Language statistics,

Mandarin Chinese has the most speakers,

 with Spanish second and English third.


These web sites will allow you to explore some

of the places where Language is defined:


A very interesting page of General World Data

gathered by the CIA, yes the CIA.

This site has an awesome amount of

Global information and is a great teaching tool.

The CIA World Factbook - Languages


National Geographic has once again provided their

readers with a valuable educational tool,

a Portal to the World's Endangered Languages.

Enduring Voices Project


An extensive collection of data

on the Languages of the World.

Ethnologue Language Family Index


If you seek Dictionaries for all of the

World's Languages, over 6,000 they say,

this massive web site has them.

Foreign Languages Online


An important web site concerning the World's Indigenous

Languages and what they are trying to do to

help prevent them from disappearing forever.

Living Tongues Institute


The Mother of all Language study web sites.

The Rosetta Project


Although not always completely accurate, Wikipedia is

still useful as a cross Reference in your studies.

Sign Language


A unique visual look at Global Languages.

World Language Mapping System


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