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The land of Sachem Uncas in the 1600's


The maps that will you find on these web sites

will enable you to visualize time and

place in American Native country.


Your study in Cartography might begin

with this from Columbia University:

A selective timeline of maps to 1860



This map may be the first published of the

Western Hemisphere and is from William Hubbard's

The present State of New-England, being a

Narrative of the Troubles with the Indians

printed and published by Foster in Boston in 1677:

The Massachusetts Historical Society

Did you know this about Harvard University?

A 1677 map of New England

Another view of this same map

This is the data collection center for the USGS.

EROS Data Center

An excellent collection of historical maps

from the University of Georgia.

Hargrett Library Rare Map Collection

The outstanding Perry-CastaƱeda Library Collection

of Historical Maps of the United States from the

University of Texas at Austin.

Historical Maps of United States

Ray Sterner of the Johns Hopkins University,

Applied Physics Laboratory, created this stunning work:

Map of South Dakota

The name Mni Sose is Lakota for Missouri River

and it is the home of 28 Indian Nations.

The Missouri River Basin Tribes

These maps of the individual states Reservations

come from the Department of the Interior.

Printable Maps of Federal Lands and Reservations

USGS United States Topographic Map,

Scaled 1:1,000,000.

USGS Map of United States

A very good place to explore the world of Geography:

Vogeler's American Indian Landscapes

An interesting Government look at

the Nations in the West circa 1875:

Western Reservations 1875


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