Martin Luther King, Jr.


Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
The " I Have A Dream" speech.

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Martin Luther King, Jr.

This is not enough room here to fully encompass

 the enormous contributions made by this man to

the Civil Rights Movement in America.


Dr. King was an enigma who gifts to the World were

often not understood, nor trusted by some of those

 working for the Government in his place of birth.


Martin was frequently feared or hated for simply trying

 to rectify the Centuries of wrongs and unjust treatment

to those whose Race he was born into.


 The countless contributions to the Civil Rights Movement,

basic freedoms fought for by Martin and his followers,

in a struggle that would eventually take his life,

may be often taken for granted today.

Perhaps Martin would be ok with that.


When the Reverend King received the Nobel Peace prize

at the age of 35, he promptly gave the $54,000 prize money

to help further the Civil Rights Movement.

Dr. King was the youngest recipient of this prestigious award.


The King Center was established in 1968 by Coretta Scott King

to honor her husbands life and great achievements.


Dr. King was named Time Man of the year in 1963 and

was listed on the Time 100 list with those others who were

chosen as the most important persons of the 20th Century.


An impressive Collection of much of his written work,

The Martin Luther King, Jr.'s papers, speeches and Documents

is housed at the Stanford Research and Education Institution.


Today, Dr. King's place of birth in Atlanta may only be

viewed with a guided tour given by a park ranger.



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