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To be vanquished and yet not surrender, that is victory.
Josef Pilsudski


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March 26, 2013

A press release announcing recent winners from the Kellogg Foundation:

First Nations Awards $375,000 to 10 Native Food-System Projects



March 9, 2013

Moccasins On the Ground At Pine Ridge

March 8 -10, 2013

For those wishing to join and learn more, there will be an

Activist Training Instruction Conference for three days at Pine Ridge.

The three day event will be held near Manderson, South Dakota.

Activist Instruction



February 24, 2013

Seattle Clear Sky Youth Conference 2013

April 16th - 18th  10AM - 3PM

Come be part of this amazing event.

Youth ages 9-19, workshops, keynote speakers,

fun run/walk and Pow-wow sponsored by NWIC.

This is a unique event with featured presenters from our NW region.

We are proud to announce Vaughn EagleBear as M.C., Dr. Jusitn Guillory (President NWIC),

Star Neyea, Roger Fernandes, Joe 'The Boss' Hip, Andrew Morrison, and many more.

We will continue to update everyone as more presenters confirm.

For more information,

please contact Sarah Sense-Wilson at:




January 29, 2013

A 40th Anniversary Gathering

Next month on February 27, 2013, is the 40th Anniversary of Wounded Knee 1973.

Come to Pine Ridge and stand with those there who will never forget what was

done to the 150 innocent Lakota men, women and children massacred in 1890.

There will be a Four Directions Walk,

Meet at the Wounded Knee Gravesite for honoring and prayers

 from 9 AM to 1 PM

Gun salute by AIM Grassroots security.

For more information call: 605 441-4219



January 22, 2013

Pine Ridge Is Where We All Need to Be

As you can see, by the links below, so much is happening at Pine Ridge right now.

The resistance is strong and growing and Lakota Elders are speaking clearly.

It is way beyond the time to get involved, come on, do something,

help whenever and wherever you can.

Be there!

Strong Lakota Women Who Are Not Going To Accept Defeat

Support Wounded Knee Medals Of Dishonor



January 20, 2013

Warrior Up Resistance Tour

6 PM Tonight!

Pine Ridge, South Dakota

Billie Mills Hall

Many Guest Speakers

Mitakuyepi - Free Your Mind


November 23, 2012

This recent incident is just one more in a very long history

of abhorrent crimes against Native people in this Country.

The complete lack of respect or conscience in non natives is difficult

to understand for those who treasure Mother Earth and all within her.

Ancient Petroglyphs Stolen In California

Ancient Native American Rock Carvings Stolen



June 21, 2012

Can You See Through Your Glass Of Water?

Pipeline Spill in North Dakota
Peter Carrels

This story is so important on so many levels.

Just in case you did not minor in Geology, here is something that

was pounded into my head by a Professor at CSUN years ago.

When our water is poisoned, it could take as long as 10,000 years to clean it up.

At the time he was speaking of the poisons in California's water from the fertilizers

and pesticides used in the San Joaquin Valley, or the Vegetable Bowl of America.

Now, it is Dirty Tar Sands Oil, and it is just as lethal and will take just as long to clean up.

Millions of innocent people all over this country are being bullied by these Oil Companies

and the environmental disaster certain to be created by these greedy, ruthless people,

will be left behind for our children to contend with for centuries.

The Ogallala Aquifer is just one of many, many American water sources

that are right now in very grave jeopardy.

When our glass is full of toxins, it will be too late to object:

Visuals: Dirty Oil Sands

Great story, well done!

Protecting The Cultural And Historic Values Of The Powder River Basin



June 2, 2012

Stop Poisoning The People

Moapa Paiutes in Nevada are being poisoned by the pollution from Coal Mining

and have become prisoners in their own Reservation homes.

This is a Petition to be sent to the EPA,

please read it and sign if you agree with it:

Protect My Family From Dirty Coal Pollution

But, Coal is not the only poison that has been inflicted on

our Native People in this country.

In Arizona, White Mountain Apaches have suffered horrific deformations

for years from U.S. Government Uranium mining.

White Mountain Apache: The Forgotten People



March 27, 2012

Who Is the Savage You Say?

This news is not news to Native people, but it is nice to have another reason

to say "I told you so" to non Natives once again.

This story shows what we have always known, that Native people

 have been using so called "natural medicines" since the beginning of time.

A great story and one to show to your children when or if, they doubt that

their ancestors are a race of which they can be truly proud.

Rediscovered Native American Remedy Kills Pox Virus



March 13, 2012

The Lakota People Say No Way

After standing defiant to the trucks of the Keystone Pipeline last week,

the Lakota People of Pine Ridge can be proud that their efforts, combined with similar

stands all over the country, resulted in a defeat in Congress for the Big Oil Companies,

who had no concern for any of the people whose lives would be affected by their

unwelcomed, unwanted pipeline through the lands of the Ogallala Aquifer.

Lakota's Arrested Halting Pipeline Trucks


February 4, 2012

The Buffalo Are Going Home

This is one of the best things to happen to Buffalo in this country for over one hundred years.

Instead of being killed, the overpopulation Buffalo of Yellowstone Park,

will now be sent instead to neighboring Reservations.

Now we need to go even further and send some of these wild Buffalo

to every single Native Nation in the West.

They belong with the people, all of the people.

Tribes Prepare For Homecoming of Wild Bison


August 27, 2011

From the Sachem Uncas Blog today

This is NOT Just a Navajo Problem!

This disturbing story barely touches the reality that is everyday life on many Reservations in the United States.

As the woman said, "people have better shacks for their lawnmowers" than these people live in.

One needs only travel to anywhere, to any state, in America and spend a few minutes on a

Indian Reservation to understand that these same conditions are everywhere in Indian Country.

An example is the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota, one of the most impoverished places in America,

where many Elders have no indoor plumbing, some even have no windows, many do not have enough warm clothes,

and this is an area with 60 degree below zero winters.

It is difficult to see so many Hollywood stars traveling all over the world to bring awareness to the plights of other people,

when the conditions on many Reservations in this Country are just as bad, if not worse.

When will those who have everything in this country, even acknowledge that many of the First People of this land

are in trouble and need their help just as much as those thousands of miles away?

What is that old saying, "Charity begins at Home?"

Program Aids Native Americans


August 11, 2011

This petition was just received.

Please help protect the Ramapough Mountain Indian Tribe.

We have friends in this Tribe and the area is one of the most beautiful places in New Jersey.

The polluter here is the Ford Motor Company and they have all of the money,

lawyers and lobbyists necessary to avoid being forced to clean up their poisons.

Please read this page and then sign it, if you feel it is the right thing to do:

The Ringwood Landfill Superfund Site Petition


August 5, 2011

From the Sachem Uncas Blog today

Report Shows Native People More Harmed By Climate Changes

This has happened because our People are more dependant on natural resources.

We are also less able to avoid this because many of us live on Reservations in areas where these extreme

weather conditions are much more likely to occur, like the southwest deserts or the high plains.

Many people on Reservations cannot afford the modern conveniences that other Americans take for granted,

like the heating and air conditioning that most homes in America already have.

This makes the cold and heat much harder to bear and more likely to cause fatalities among our people.

In fact, many Reservation people do not have proper clothing, food and other simple

basic human needs that Natives and others who do not live there have.

Reservation life for our people is an every day struggle just to survive.

Climate Change Hurts Indian Tribes Disproportionately


June 11, 2011

What a great way to start the day today.

This picture was in my morning email:

Women's Updates from the White House

You can sign up for these update emails here:

Weekly Updates Sign Up

Have not seen any Leaders of this Country so involved

with Native Americans since Bill Clinton.

First Lady Obama plants garden
First Lady Michelle Obama planting the "Three Sisters"
with Native Americans in the White House Kitchen Garden.
Official White House photo by Samantha Appleton


April 20, 2011

From the Sachem-Uncas Blog today

Not Another One Shall We Allow

A Sacred Ceremony and Occupation at Glen Cove, California will begin

Friday April 15, 2011 at 8 AM and last until ?????

For too long now we have allowed what the Non-Natives call progress

to bull doze over the final resting places of our ancestors.

This is just the latest in more than a hundred years of disrespect

of the grave sites of our ancestors.

I personally have watched in horror while this exact same thing was done

to the cemeteries of my own Mohegan People in Connecticut.

I wonder just how angry these same people would be if we,

 the original caretakers of this land, came to bull doze over their cemeteries?

They came, they took our land, they killed our people, they put us on alien lands

they called Reservations, then when they found something of value

 under these same lands, they took it as well.

 Now the final insult, they come to desecrate our dead.

No more shall we allow!

Take Back our Sacred Land, One Burial Ground at a Time


April 13, 2011

The following was just received and is posted here with permission.





The annual ceremony will be on May 15, 2011 beginning at 12 noon in Canton

at the Canton Country Club Golf Course between the 4th and 5th holes,

located 18 miles southeast of Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Harold Iron Shield a member of Native American Reburial Restoration Committee

began this annual event and kept it alive until his death in 2008.

It is now being revived to honor and give our prayers of peace

and healing to those buried there.

Everyone is welcome to attend.

Calling All Tribal Members & Councils to be Represented.

These are sacred burial grounds and they will be respected and honored as such.

For more information go to:



November 14, 2010


The Navajo Nation has found a better way, leaving behind

the ugly past and the Peabody Coal Mine in favor

of a brighter future represented by Wind and Sun.

Peabody Coal is their past

The wind and sun are their future


February 14, 2010

Thanks to Keith Olbermann and a great many generous people across the country,

help will be coming for those on Reservations in South Dakota.

These links will take you to places that will tell you how you can also help:





January 2010

I just became aware of this remarkable Native woman today

on a local public Television program.

Mary Kim Titla, a San Carlos Apache from Arizona had run

for a National political office in 2008 and came in second.

Although she had what appeared to be everything needed

to satisfy the job requirements, a well educated publisher

and former TV journalist, she seemed a good prospect.

But, she lost to lawyer and political machine, Ann Kirkpatrick, who was

endorsed by most Tribes in Arizona, including Mary's own people.


Why would all of these Natives leaders rather see a non Native

represent them in Washington than one of their own?

Native populated states in this country, cannot win,

 how on Earth can any others have hope who

may be considering pursuing the same course?


November 5, 2009

Two notable stories made the News today

concerning Native People in America.

The first is positive, the second, not so much.

President Obama is meeting today with over 500 Tribal leaders

 to discuss very important issues for all Native People,

Health Care, Education and Housing.

This story is here:

President Obama Hosts Summit

The second story concerns the apparent growing of marijuana

on American Indian Reservations by Mexican gangs.

That story is here:

Mexican Pot Gangs


September 21, 2008

Although it happened July 31, 2008, this important

and historical event was just learned about today.

KILI Radio Station on the Pine Ridge Reservation,

the "largest Native American Radio Station"

is now being completely powered by Wind Turbines.

Many Nations of the Great Plains and all across the Country

have Wind Power projects under construction, several

including the Rosebud Reservation are already completed.

The massive potential for renewable Alternative Energy is

the bright future that all Natives have needed for many years.

What better way to provide for our People than with the already

lifelong connection to Mother Earth that we already have?

Hopefully, the future of Native People will no longer be attached

at the hip to Casinos and all that comes with them,

but with clean, renewable, Alternative Energy.

For more about Alternative Energy, please visit this web site:

Alternative Energy


September 18, 2008

The joy that will never be.

The deal that Governor Crist inked two months ago that

would have sent U.S. Sugar packing, was apparently a ruse.

Now Crist says that the land and water he had promised would

be returned to the Everglades, will instead become an Ethanol Plant.

See the whole story here:

Crist Endorses Ethanol Plant


September 15, 2008

This news story was just sent to me about slavery in New York

that has been silenced for more than two centuries.

Now, finally the proof that the Dutch did keep American Natives as slaves.

Forgotten part of state's history


September 11, 2008

It would seem that our Governor has jumped the gun.

The Courts have ruled against Crist and the Seminole Tribe of Florida,

saying that there will be no Vegas style gambling here.

The State Supreme Court said that Governor Crist had no authority

to do so when he made the deal with the Tribe and that any

such move must be approved of by the citizens of the State.

Meanwhile the Governor's approval ratings have dipped for the first time.

Could this be due to the complete failure of his Amendment 1 which,

he promised, would bring us all property and insurance tax reductions?

At the time, there were many in this state who viewed this as a ploy

for attention in the race for the second spot on the McCain ticket.

Floridians are now beginning to look at Crist with distrust.

What has actually happened is, that in response to the State's

budget cuts to schools, fire and police, our local governments

are now raising our property taxes to cover their massive losses.

Wonder where all the money went?


March 2008

A great military honor was bestowed on a remarkable

Lakota soldier recently and it has left many in this country

questioning why this overdue action by the US Government

was shamefully delayed for over twenty years.

Please read the story about Sgt. Woodrow Wilson Keeble:

First Lakota to receive Medal of Honor


November 2007

A disturbing, though not unusual, story was on our local

news this morning about the Seminole Tribe of Florida.

In similar pattern as other Native Nations, it appears that

Seminole Tribal Leaders have directed a large portion

of about $280 million of their Gambling proceeds

towards spoiling themselves and their families,

while the rest of the Tribe wonders where their share is.

This news today would be much more upsetting if this same

behavior had not previously occurred with other Nations.

From the West Coast to New England, Gambling and Casinos

frequently come with dangerous consequences

for poor American Natives who suddenly acquire

vast fortunes with little, if any, experience in

managing such an overwhelming sum of money.

Read the whole story here:

Seminole Leaders Spending Lavishly


November 22, 2007

It is with great regret that this is posted so very long

after the fact of the death of this American Native in Iraq.

The story of this young Lakota Warrior is here:

Wake for an Indian Warrior


June 2007

A Bison Update.......

This letter was received this morning and is

 presented here without editing or alteration.


Dear Buffalo Friends,

We have great news to report:


This afternoon, Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer and Yellowstone
National Park held a joint press conference in Helena, Montana, to
announce that they WILL NOT SLAUGHTER any wild buffalo that remain in
Montana come Monday!  All those buffalo babies, their moms, and their
families will live on!

This is a major victory for wild buffalo and their advocates worldwide!


While the larger issue is far from being resolved, we should all take
a deep breath and give thanks for this incredible news that we all
helped make happen.  The power, prayers, energy, spirit, love, and
ACTION of all the people who care about the buffalo made this happen!

Here are the buffalo you helped save:

The word from Montana and Yellowstone is this:  any wild buffalo
found in Montana come Monday would be transported (captured and
hauled in trailers) into Yellowstone National Park.  They would be
taken north, to Stephens Creek, and let go.   This transport could be
very hard on the buffalo, especially the small calves, so we are
hopeful that it will not have to occur at all.

The long-term solution for wild buffalo is year-round HABITAT!
Yesterday approximately 200 buffalo were forcefully pushed out of
Montana (off of our National Forest lands), back into Yellowstone
National Park.  The agents used horsemen and a helicopter to conduct
this operation.  Today, the same thing happened, with about 50
buffalo (moms, babies, families) being pushed off of Horse Butte,
deep into Yellowstone.  Sadly, the buffalo were pushed extremely hard
- especially by the helicopter - and they were shot with orange paint
balls by the agents on horseback.  It almost looked like a
re-enactment from the shameful buffalo hunts of the 1800s.   You can
see footage from yesterday at

During today's operation, a baby buffalo collapsed from exhaustion
and possible injury.  BFC patrols stayed with this little calf and
its mom until they were able to be strong enough to resume their trek
to catch up with their family members who had been chased out of
Montana.  They made it!

This great victory is not without its shadow, as wild buffalo should
be allowed to roam freely in Montana, especially on our public lands.
We will keep fighting for the buffalo until they are wild and free.
But we will celebrate that these buffalo will not be sent to
slaughter and that is because you made it happen!  Thank you all so
much!  You flooded them with calls, emails, faxes and IT WORKED! The
governor and Yellowstone made the right decision.

ACTION NEEDED:  Please take the time to call and say THANK YOU to
Governor Brian Schweitzer and Yellowstone Superintendent Suzanne
Lewis for choosing to let these buffalo live.  Encourage them to work
to acquire year-round habitat for wild buffalo in Montana!

* Governor Brian Schweitzer:  406-444-3111
* Yellowstone Superintendent Suzanne Lewis:  307-344-2002

 From the bottom of our hearts and for all the wild buffalo ~


~Buffalo Field Campaign

Media & Outreach
Buffalo Field Campaign
P.O. Box 957
West Yellowstone, MT  59758

BFC is the only group working in the field every day
to defend the last wild herd of buffalo in America.

Stay informed!  Get our weekly email Updates from the Field:
Send your email address to


It's what's killing wild buffalo.

Speak Out! Contact politicians and involved agencies today:

Write a Letter to the Editor of key newspapers:

Help the buffalo by recycling your used cell phones & printer cartridges:
It's free and easy.


May 2007

This news was only received this morning and is unsubstantiated.

 It is being reported that today in Montana, Bison calves will be slaughtered.

If others have proof or know this to be factual, a confirmation

of this unforgivable, senseless act would be gratefully appreciated.

There are Native persons all across this country who have repeatedly begged

for unwanted or threatened Bison of any age to be released to them.

To my knowledge, few, if any, have ever received them.


April 2007

After 2 years of "no idea who's really in charge", the BIA has a new leader.

Following 2 sad, confusing years of non-Natives running the BIA,

it is now finally back in the hands of Native people again.

The new man at the top is Carl Artman an Oneida from Wisconsin.

Here's hoping that he gets the support he needs to do a job

filled with the ugly truth that is the definition of the BIA:

trying to help Native people in a white political world.


December 2006

The Seminole Tribe of Florida recently purchased the Hard Rock Cafe/Casino chain,

continuing the struggle in this country of Native peoples to free

themselves of the tainted grip of Casino and gambling organizations.

I am in a minority, I know, who believes that any money that comes as a result

of a Casino and Native union comes at the expense and anguish of the

Ancestors who most certainly would barely recognize their children's children

and the new kind of culture that has arisen on those Reservations with Casinos.

The tear stained, shamed faces of the grandfathers should impel us into

shunning those whose sole objective is gambling and eliminating them

from the Native world, which they could not possibly comprehend,

a place where tradition and honor reign above all else.

Will the current Navajo chief be the lone objector to this repugnant influence?

Shall he be the only leader who does not tell the Casino crowd to "come on down?"


January 2005

Sadly Native Americans no longer have a supportive voice in the US Government,

not that we ever had much representation anyway, but now with Ben Nighthorse

and Tom Daschle gone, we are with few friends in Washington.

Is this because we do not choose to run for office or because we fail

to win in the Political arena that determines the fate of our people?

May 2005 find that American Natives will decide not only to run,

but may actually be successful in their attempts~


April 2004

Nothing has been posted to this page for the past two years

because I have spent this time out in American Native Country.

I have learned so much and met such wonderful people.

They have taught me that the most important things are the simplest ones.

I have met many people in many states, who live in third world conditions

and they were not all on Reservations. They were just poor.

There are many poor people in this country and

they are not all American Natives.

Poverty, unemployment and poor health are the daily life

of these people and the outlook for change is bleak at best.

What bothers me the most I think, is that nothing seems to change.

I have been going to Reservations for many years

and reading this article this morning,

Sioux Tribe members visit city

took me back to my first trip to Pine Ridge many years ago.

The shelter of my middle class cocoon in Los Angeles for 30 years,

had not prepared me for what I found there that first time.

I was overwhelmed by the abject poverty, but more importantly,

I was stunned by the sadness in the eyes of the children that I met.

That first trip many years ago changed my life and I have been

back many times since to keep reminding myself

why I put this web site up in the first place.

It is also why I continue to go all over this country listening and trying to learn.

It doesn't seem to matter who is in the White House or who we elect

to Congress, poor people are just always at the bottom of the list

when it comes time to spend money.

Those with the deepest pockets are quite well represented in Washington

and we still have to my knowledge, only one Native American there,

the retiring Republican Ben Nighthorse Campbell, who has been under the

scrutiny of Indian Country Today recently over the ultimate use of an

$800,000 fund he controls that was meant to be for educating Native students.

As the voices of the poor in America fall in silence on the deaf ears

of long term politicians, the only way that change can ever occur,

is to have more representation in the Law making process

 in this country by those with the most need.

If you are an American Native, you must get involved in this process.

Hoping that those who are already in place will fix things is a terrible mistake.

Today, Native People face nearly the same unbearable conditions

that their ancestors did 200 years ago.

It is time for change to be put into place by those with the most at stake,

the First People of this country.

We need to stop the endless cycle of the blame game

and get into the change game.

We must do it for ourselves, we cannot hope others will do it for us.

They have proven that they cannot be trusted to do so.


February 2002

What an extraordinary and monumental event was the opening

ceremony of the Winter Olympics last night in Salt Lake City.

It was the first time in U.S. Olympic History, I believe, that

American Native People participated in these ceremonies.

Never mind that no one dared to whisper about the horrific 

treatment of the Indians during the last part of the 1800's

by these now seemingly so respectful Mormons of Utah.

During the time of their expansion westward,

Mormons forcefully removed many Native children

from their families, claiming that they were not fit

to raise them, being the savages that they were.

These same Mormons then turned around and either

made personal slaves out of these children for their own

homes or sold them to others who would do the same.

For more information about this, please read:

The Destruction of California Indians, by Robert F. Heizer

This chilling documentation details the years of abuse inflicted

upon Indians by the US Military, the Mormons, the miners and

others who all had one singular purpose, to better their own lives

at the expense of a people who although born in this country,

were by the turn of the 19th century about to be evicted

from the only home that they had ever known.

Nonetheless, last night was a celebration demonstrating long overdue

respect and dignity for all Native People, from East Coast to West Coast.

We all felt their pride as they thanked the Creator for the

opportunity to share our culture with millions around the world,

who sadly seem far more interested in the treatment of the Indians

in this country, than many of those who currently reside here.


August 2001

Regardless your opinion on Hemp, the point of the matter is that the

Pine Ridge Reservation is presumed to be a Sovereign Nation.

Apparently that is not the case, however, if you intend to grow Hemp there.

Please read this story written by Emily Huber of Mother Jones,

as she describes the never ending drama that is daily life on Pine Ridge.

Sioux vs DEA, Round Two


May 2001

In a rare example of unity between whites and Natives

in South Dakota, the Black Hills Alliance has joined

two unlikely groups in a fight against a proposed

billion dollar expansion by the DM &E railroad.

(Dakota, Minnesota and Eastern)

This expansion would allow over 100 million tons of coal a year

to travel through Wyoming and South Dakota on its way

to power plants in the mid west and the east.

At a 2 day event in March of this year, organized by

Charlene White Face and Harvey White Woman,

the Alliance discussed plans of opposition to the railroads expansion,

hoping for the same level of success that had been reached by

the Cowboy - Indian Alliance when it stopped uranium mining

in the Southern Black Hills, by the Honeywell company in 1987.

The Black Hills group is attempting to stop the railroad from

further expansion onto lands that are currently occupied

by white farmers and ranchers and Lakota's.

This expansion would violate the land Treaties of 1868,

which finds many Lakota holding claims to the land in question.

The environmental impact of this huge coal transport could be 

globular and a success for the Alliance group may indeed

be a success for all of us who inhabit Mother Earth.

The outlook does appear to be good for the moment, with the

Department of the Interior voting against expansion for now.


September 2000

This release was handed to us as we left a Pow Wow
recently and is summarized for brevity here:

All Out December 10th
Free Leonard Peltier
United Nations Building
New York City

8 years ago, when Bill Clinton was running for President,
he made a campaign promise that if elected,he would pardon
American Indian Movement activist, Leonard Peltier,
who was falsely imprisoned during the Nixon administration.

Still Leonard sits in prison as an example of American injustice.
There have been many protests internationally, many letters,
faxes, phone calls and telegrams sent to the White House,
but so far there has been no major outpouring of support.

This is our last, best chance to win a Presidential pardon for Leonard.
This is not just an American Native issue.
It is a Human Rights issue and a Democratic Rights issue.

If they can do this to Leonard Peltier,
they can do it to any one of us.

They are sending a message.
We must send a message back!

On December 10, there will be a major
International Conference on Human Rights
at the UN building in New York City.
Be there!
If for any reason you can't,
call the White House comments line:
202 456-1111,
and demand that President Clinton
sign Leonard's pardon now!

The Red Heart Warrior's Society,
Box 4362,
Allentown, PA.


August 2000

This press release was received from FEMA
and concerns an upcoming conference meeting.

Denver Federal Center, Building 710
Denver, Colorado 80225
(303) 235-4800




Media Contacts:

Ed Conley, Federal Emergency Management Agency (303) 235-4909
Gary Gleason, Federal Emergency Management Agency (303) 235-4763

FEMA Announces Historic Tribal Emergency Management Conference

On September 26-28, 2000, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Region VIII will host a tribal emergency management conference titled,
"Honoring our Partnerships, a vision for emergency management in Indian country".
This will be a historic event in U.S. tribal relations, as FEMA takes steps toward implementing its tribal relations policie"We expect to attract tribal chairs, emergency managers and other tribal leaders from all 28 tribes in our Region,
as well as our state emergency management partners" noted Rick Weiland, director of FEMA Region VIII, which encompasses Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, North Dakota and South Dakota.
"Through this conference we hope to improve emergency management capabilities on the reservations, to learn from successful tribal emergency management practices and to solidify government-to-government 
relationships between tribal leaders and FEMA Region VIII."

Each day of the conference, which will be held at the Civic Center
in Rapid City, South Dakota, will focus on a slightly different
aspect of emergency management.


September 26 Honoring

Recognizing tribal leadership, building relationships and
fostering commitment to emergency management in Indian Country.

September 27 Vision

Providing emergency management skills training
and formalizing Region VIII’s tribal relationship.

September 28 Perspective

A retrospective look at disasters on tribal lands:
Pine Ridge, Turtle Mountain and Spirit Lake Nation.


"The outcomes from this conference will help to save lives
and property in Indian country and will have a significant impact
on Tribal/FEMA relations," Weiland said.

Together with regional and national FEMA personnel,
state emergency management staff and the media,
the conference is expected to draw
upwards of 250 participants.

Editor’s Note: For further information on FEMA/Tribal issues,

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The following letter was received from Deborah Hare

regarding the untimely death of Timothy "Little Rock" Reed,

the Native Activist who had been written about

here several times in the past.

His death comes only one year after his release from prison.

A brief summation of his feelings about Native spirituality

and the rights of incarcerated Indians to practice their beliefs

are in this court Affidavit dated January 10, 1989.

Peace "Little Rock"


Timothy "Little Rock" Reed, an activist for American Natives and

prison causes, died January 15th in a car accident in Cuba, N.M.

Little Rock was 39 yrs. old.

Little Rock was a pipe carrier, Sun Dancer and

participated in the Native American Church.

Mr. Reed made national headlines in 1997 after the New Mexico

Supreme Court refused to extradite him to Ohio for violating parole

after serving 10 years in prison for drug theft and burglary.

The court called him a "refugee from injustice",

who was in fear for his life because of his activism.

In June, 1998, the U.S. Supreme Court reversed the decision,

and he returned in December to Ohio to complete six weeks of parole.

While incarcerated at the Southern Ohio Correctional Facility

in Lucasville, Mr. Reed acquired a reputation as a spokesman

for the rights of American Native prisoners.

Mr. Reed was one-half Oglala Lakota.

He also earned two associate's degrees while in prison.

At the time of his death he lived with his companion Deborah Hare

in Jemez Pueblo, New Mexico. He worked as a paralegal.

He was an accomplished musician and songwriter and

had just completed a compilation of his works for a CD.

Other survivors include a son, Jasper Cole Reed of Albuquerque, NM;

his mother, Nancy Scull of Delhi Township, OH; grandmother,

Gladys McAllister, Delhi Township, OH; sister Robin Sorrell,

Middletown, OH; brother Kevin Reed of Bridgetown, OH 

and brother Kevin Scull of San Diego, CA.

A memorial service was held in Taos, New Mexico

and in Cincinnati, Ohio.


January 29, 2000

For the past few months, the Sachem and I have been

traveling and observing conditions throughout Indian country.

We are now back home again in Connecticut,

and are being barraged with faxes and e-mails daily,

asking us to comment on two very important Native issues.


Next Tuesday, Feb. 1, marks D-day for the Navajo/Dineh

people at Big Mountain/Black Mesa, Arizona.

This forced removal and relocation of Native Elders,

has been a source of agony for both Native

and non-Native people for many years.


The underlying reason for their removal,

has been suggested to be to allow Peabody Coal, 

a British company, to continue with their expansion onto Native land.

Peabody is under constant pressure to maintain an uninterrupted,

energy supply to the power hungry mega cities of the West.

The vast mineral resources on this land, as with the Black Hills

of South Dakota, have made it an irresistible plunder

for those who can and do, take without asking.


Having been a Californian for over 30 years, I can assure you

that we were not privy to this kind of information in our daily news.

Moving to New England has allowed me to gain a new perspective.


Perhaps, on this coming Tuesday Feb.1,

if you have either the time or the desire,

you might say a prayer or participate in a gathering

on behalf of these beleaguered Native Elders,

whose only wish is to be left alone and

to live in peace on the land of their ancestors.


There are many protests planned for this day.

Please, make your feelings known and help support

the rights of these Navajo/Dineh Elders, who continue to be

forcefully removed from their homes and their lands.


The US Government and the Peabody Coal Company,

have been meticulously careful in controlling

the release of most of this information. 

Without outside intervention, 

they will continue this process, unabated.


October 7, 1999

KOLA Newslist

Judge Schedules Nov. 17
hearing on Whiteclay Jurisdiction
Lincoln, Neb.

A Sheridan County judge has scheduled a
Nov. 17 hearing to decide whether the village of
Whiteclay should be under the jurisdiction of an American
Indian reservation in South Dakota.
Judge Charles Plantz scheduled the hearing Tuesday.

He will preside over a courtroom in which lawyers will argue
whether nine American Indians in a protest over beer sales
in Whiteclay should face charges under Nebraska law.

The nine protesters were arrested during a July 3 march
from South Dakota's Pine Ridge Indian Reservation to Whiteclay,
an unincorporated village of 22 just inside the Nebraska border.

Marchers were protesting 4 million cans of beer
sold annually by Whiteclay's non-Indian merchants,
mainly to nearby reservation residents,
where the sale of alcohol is illegal.


September 16, 1999

As I have been away from my computer most of this summer,

moving from Southern California to Connecticut,

some very important Lakota stories have been sorely neglected.

This vivid news article captures the essence of only the

latest in a series of conflicts between the residents of

the Pine Ridge Reservation and law enforcement agencies.

Having just returned from Pine Ridge this week,

these stories and several others are foremost in my thoughts.

The tumultuous events of this summer,

leave the impression that very little has changed between

these two opposing forces over the last hundred years.


April 12, 1999

A press release concerning the

" First Fire of the Oceti Sakowin,"

the spiritual camp of seven Oglala warriors, protesting

the turnover of the Missouri River Indian Treaty land.


March 30, 1999

The Pine Ridge Building Summit, a part of the

Shared Visions project from HUD, will offer all

of you who have asked, the chance to get finally

get involved and help to improve the lives of

many of the Lakota People at Pine Ridge.


March 30, 1999

Today's HUD press release





March 16, 1999

An exciting press release from NASA/JPL

The Lakota people and NASA, will reach for the stars

in the Black Hills of South Dakota, March 19-21.

Thank you to Dan Hogan, Editor of Science Daily Magazine,

for providing the JPL link and being my source for this story.


March 10, 1999

These words from Leonard Peltier, which give an

introspective look into his many years of incarceration,

are an excerpt from his new book,

My Life is My Sun Dance


March 2, 1999

For those of you who wish to contact a particular

person at the BIA, here is a very comprehensive

list of most of those at this agency.


March 1, 1999

Report of Lakota Student Alliance:

Emergency Meeting Held to Consider Impact of

SD Wildlife Mitigation Bill in 1998 Appropriations.


February 22, 1999

Today, is yet another emotional and distressing day,
for the many Native Americans, who want to know
what the US Government has done with all of their money.

An unprecedented event, is now taking place,
in Washington, as U.S. District Judge Royce Lamberth,
has found two 2 currently standing Cabinet members,
Secretary Bruce Babbitt and Secretary Robert Rubin,
in contempt of court, for failing to produce
documents explaining the location of over $500 million
in 300,00 trust fund accounts of Native People.

The largest amount of this missing total, over $400 million,
is owed to the Lakota people, as a payment for the Black Hills.

More to follow on this continuing saga...


January 30, 1999

Timothy "Little Rock" Reed, a half Lakota political activist

for prison reform, has been allowed to return

to his wife and son in Albuquerque, New Mexico,

by the Ohio Department of Prisons.

Mr. Reed will now fulfill his remaining probation time there.


January 22, 1999

President Clinton has announced a new Education Plan

which will give 10 million dollars toward recruiting and

training 1,000 new teachers, who in return,

promise that they will teach in schools with a

high percentage of Native American students.


January 14, 1999

Great news from Washington for the Lakota people today.

President Clinton has named the Pine Ridge Reservation

among his list of 20 most " in need " communities,

or " Empowerment Zones " in the United States.

This means more jobs, money, federal grants

and tax-exempt bonds will be going to this, the

poorest city in the poorest county in America.

This acknowledgment of indecent living conditions,

by the government, is both long overdue and desperately

needed, by the residents of this Lakota Reservation.

More to come on this issue.


December 18, 1998

American Native activist Timothy "Little Rock" Reed,

was released from prison in Ohio Thursday night,

by a hearing officer who decided that he was not a threat

and that he should serve a minimum of six weeks,

which was the time remaining on his probation.

Reed now plans to return to school in Ohio,

to continue his education in the fields of

Criminal Justice and Native Issues.

He would eventually like to return to New Mexico

to be of help to his fellow American Natives.


December 3, 1998

Following the joyous events of two weeks ago, comes the

sad news today regarding the sale of Indian Country Today,

( called by many the loudest voice for the Lakota )

to the Oneida Nation, who also own the

Turning Stone Casino near Syracuse, New York.

Although, there were many times,

that I have not agreed with the opinions expressed

by Tim Giago, owner and editor of the paper,

I always supported the right of the man to speak his mind.

Now, this outspoken voice for the Lakota people of Pine Ridge,

for nearly twenty years, will be moving on in another direction.

Many Lakota on Pine Ridge are taking a collective breath;

wondering what and who will be speaking for them in the future.


December 3, 1998 continued.

American Native activist Timothy " Little Rock " Reed,

who is half Lakota, has lost his lengthy court battle

to remain free and has been returned to Ohio.

A hearing, which will take place there within the next

two weeks, will determine his fate.

Reed, who has expressed fear for his safety, following his

exposure of prison abuses toward American Natives,

has been in hiding in New Mexico for the last five years.

More to follow on this story.....


November 20, 1998 update

This is a wonderful day for all Lakota people,

but especially for those of Wounded Knee.

The gracious and compassionate people of Scotland

have allowed the blood stained Lakota Ghost Shirt,

which has been on display in a museum in Glasgow

for over 100 years, to be returned to South Dakota.

This shirt was believed to have been worn by a

Lakota warrior during the massacre at Wounded Knee.

The struggle to retrieve possession of this article has

taken many years, but has now reached a rightful conclusion.

The Ghost Shirt is going home to Wounded Knee.


September 9, 1998

Having just returned from the Pine Ridge Reservation and

Wounded Knee in South Dakota, I have learned that some of the

Elders at Pine Ridge, have requested the following items,

to prepare for the harsh winter that is about to come:

Blankets, Propane/Space heaters, firewood and warm clothing.

Winter in the Great Plains can be a death sentence

for those who are not fortunate enough to have

sufficient protection from the elements.

The temperatures can drop to more than 60 degrees

below zero with freezing blizzards and winds to match.

Many of the Elders at Pine Ridge have no heat,

no electricity and few warm clothes.

If you or your company or organization can help or donate

any of these desperately needed items, please contact me.



The following is an August 6, 1998 press release, from the

Department of Housing and Urban Development, HUD.



June 15, 1998

A great one is now with Mother Earth

Today this sad news was received from South Dakota:

Stanley Raymond Looking Horse, Sr.- Lyus Icupi,

age 68, died June 8, 1998 at the IHS Hospital,

in Eagle Butte, South Dakota.

He was born Jan. 24, 1930 in

Green Grass, South Dakota.

His parents were Thomas and Lucy

(Bad Warrior) Looking Horse.

A traditional leader, Stanley lived his

entire life in Green Grass.

Mr. Looking Horse is survived by his wife,

Mary Cecelia Looking Horse of Green Grass.

His children are:

Arvol Looking Horse, Ivan Looking Horse, Beatrice

Looking Horse, Gladys Looking Horse and

Derilee Looking Horse who are all from Green Grass.

Stanley Looking Horse Jr. of Bismarck, N.D.,

Lois Martina Looking Horse of Minneapolis, Minn.,

his adopted daughter, Delores Blue Stone of Shakopee, Minn.,

and his adopted son, Gary Stranger of Eagle Butte, S.D.

Also, his brothers Pete Looking Horse of Cannon Ball, N.D.,

and Sylvester Thin Elk of Rosebud, S.D., and his

Aunt Delores Blue Stone of Bull Head, S.D.

Mr. Looking Horse had 24 grandchildren.

Spiritual leaders of the

Lakota, Dakota and Nakota Nations

held the funeral and wake services

at the Looking Horse home in Green Grass.

Burial was at the Looking Horse cemetery

at Green Grass on June 13, 1998.

Services were provided, by the

Luce Funeral Home of Eagle Butte.

Thank you to Indian Country Today, for this notice.


June 13, 1998

The following story was kindly shared by the Fedgazette

of Minneapolis and although the data is over a year old,

little has changed since it was written in Jan.1997

" The opinion below is an excerpt from a

Ninth District newspaper and is expressly

the opinion of the writer, not the Minneapolis Fed. "

Producing jobs is key for Native Reservations

Argus Leader (Sioux Falls, S.D.)

" If South Dakota lawmakers are serious about creating jobs

on the nine Native Reservations in the state as they have said,

then they should do something about it.

The opportunity is there."

Rep. Ron Volesky, D-Huron, plans to introduce legislation

that would create the first State-Tribal Economic

Development Commission in South Dakota to promote

general economic development and job training on Reservations.

There has been a suffocating deluge of forums

and discussions about advancing the economic status

of the state's Native population.

There is little, if anything, to show for all the talk.

Late last year, lawmakers said they had taken the first step by

focusing attention on the need for job creation on the Reservations.

It is now time for the all-important second step,

and it must be a giant one.

Legislation must be passed to ensure that something concrete is

done on the Reservations in the area of economic development.

Support on both sides of the aisle will be critical.

The unemployment rate on most Reservations is 50 percent or higher.

Except for casino gambling, there have been very few

forward-looking ideas to reduce Reservation unemployment.

The lack of jobs and related poverty fosters other problems,

including crime, alcohol abuse, spousal abuse,

violence and broken families.

Jobs are not going to be a cure-all to those problems, but

putting people to work will eliminate a significant portion of them.

Volesky, who is an American Native, believes job

creation will solve "90 percent" of the social problems.

Economic development on the Reservations becomes more

crucial with the advent of welfare reform on the federal level.

"With the block grants coming down from the federal government

and block grants going to our Native Reservations

with the requirement that a certain number of welfare

recipients find employment in a certain time,

it is critical that we get serious about job development and

economic development on our state's Reservations," Volesky says.

Initial funding of the commission would be $200,000:

The state would contribute half, and the tribal governments

in South Dakota would provide the balance.

Distributing state dollars is always a balancing act,

but Volesky says every job created on a Reservation

could help save a family.

Few could argue that there's a better investment than a family.


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