The Nugents

Bertha Louise Nugent
My grandmother Bertha Louise Nugent

George Washington Nugent Mahalia Nugent

George Washington and Mahalia Nugent,
(they are the brother and sister of my gg grandfather John Nugent)
These Nugent family photos courtesy of Tom Nugent



This page is a collection of information gathered

over the past few years about my Nugent Ancestors.

It is very far from complete and will continue

to have additions as they are found.

If you have Nugent Ancestors as I do,

please feel free to contact me.

Any Nugent/Deal pictures would be fully credited and greatly appreciated.

Many thanks to Patrick Huff for the unknown birth info for some of my Nugent's:

The Huff/Nugent's


* Indicates my line of the Nugent Family*



Robert Nugent was the first of my family line to come

to America in the 1700's from Ireland and he soon

became a land owner in St. Mary's County, Maryland.


George and Mahalia Nugent, siblings of John Nugent,

whom my line of Nugents descend from,

are children of William and Hannah Merritt Nugent.


Historical Research of Catholic Churches & Ancestors

"Maryland, Delaware, Virginia and West Virginia,

Maryland, home to the Conoy Indians, was the location 

of the English settlement of Lord Baltimore's Maryland. 

It began with the arrival of the passengers who had set sail on the

Ark and the Dove from the Isle of Wight on November 22, 1633. 

They landed at St. Clement's Island in the Potomac River on the 

southwestern side of present-day St. Mary's County on March 25, 1634.

The date is commemorated annually as Maryland Day.

St. Mary's, the first Maryland county, was established in 1637,

probably by an order of the Governor.

The County was named in honor of Mary, the mother of Jesus."


John Nugent came to Shelby County, Indiana 

before 1850 with his 2 brothers George Washington

and Jefferson and their sister Melissa.

He is listed on the 1850 census for that county.



"The Nugent’s whose name is found both on the Silver Creek church roll,

and some of the tombstones here, are originally from Maryland. 

From Maryland they came to Kentucky in an early day. 

Three brothers came from Kentucky to Indiana, and settled at Springville.

The elder of these three brothers was a wheel-wright by trade,

but he soon died. His brother, John R. then took possession of his 

shop and continued the business for a number of years.

John R. giving up the occupation of wheel-wright,

turned his attention to farming, and finally bought the farm 

where Mr. George Nugent, his son, now lives. 

Here he reared quite a large family, of whom are Conner, 

Thomas, Clayborn, Jefferson, George and Richard."


The Nugents


Robert Nugent died 12/26/1774,

married Ann Fadery died 1/16/1778, before 1728

in St. Mary's Co., Maryland

Will: 1775 St. Mary's County, Maryland

Their children:

*Robert William*, Elizabeth, Willoughby, Mary, and Susannah



Robert William Nugent, born in Maryland about 1750's

son of Robert Nugent and Ann Fadery

living in St Mary's County, Maryland.

His children:

John Nugent b. 1765-1784

Nancy Nugent b. 1778

*William Nugent* b. 1784

Robert Nugent b. bet 1780-1790

William Nugent was born 1784 in

Nelson County, Kentucky and died in 1850.

He married Hannah Merritt in 1810 in Kentucky.

They had 12 children:

Mariah Nugent b. 1811

Hiram Nugent b. 1-21-1813

(born Hardinsburg, Breckenridge, KY)

*John Nugent* b. about 1815 KY*

William Nugent b. 1817 KY

Mahalia Nugent b.1817

Jane Nugent b. 1819

Greenbury Hamilton Nugent b. 1821 KY

Elisa Louisa Nugent b. 1822

Jefferson Nugent b. 1825 KY

Melissa Nugent b. 1828 KY

Jesse Hutchinson Nugent b. 1829

George Washington Nugent b. 6-23-1830

(born Shelby Co. IN)


*John Nugent married Mary Elizabeth Brumage*

July 21, 1842, in Union County, Indiana.

John Nugent was born in 1815 Kentucky and had 11 siblings.

Mary Elizabeth was born in 1824 in Fayette, Union County, Indiana

and was said to be part Native American, probably Choctaw.


Mary Elizabeth and John Nugent's children:

Mary J. born 1843

*William J. born Oct. 1845 died Jan. 1908 Shelby Co. IN*

(my great grandfather)

John Wesley born 1846 died 1916

Eliza Adelaide born 1848

George Washington born 1849

Sarah Ellen born 1852 died March 23, 1888 Shelby Co., IN.

(married David Wells)

Celia A. born 1854

Oliver Philander born Feb. 1856 died

Charles Omer born Aug 9, 1861 died Nov. 23, 1936 Smithland, IN.

(married Harreit "Hattie" Emma Suber Sep. 4, 1885, he is buried at Miller Cemetery)


On the 1860 Indiana Census

John: 45 Farmer 2, 600 180 KY

Mary Elizabeth Brumage: IN

*William J 15 - (my g grandfather)*

John W 14 M IN

Eliza A 12 F IN

Sarah Ellen 8 F IN

Celia 6 F IN

Oliver P 4 M


*A note about Sara Ellen Brumage Nugent, who was my g grandfathers' sister.*

Although there are conflicting dates as to her actual death, when Sarah did die,

she was not allowed to be buried in the local "white cemetery"

where her husband would be buried.

(David was born in Virginia August 6, 1844 and died March 3, 1920 in Shelby County, Indiana.)

An email sent with this news clipping from a Nugent relative said that

she was denied this right, because she was an '"Indian".

Many of my Deal and Nugent ancestors are buried in

this same cemetery with unmarked graves.

Thanks to the kindness of Mary Mc New my newly found Indiana Deal/Nugent cousin,

I was able to learn more about my Ancestors and visit the cemetery where they are buried.

I have stood at their graves and was saddened that there was nothing

over them to even acknowledge that they ever existed.

Were their relatives ashamed or afraid to mark them?

Have we changed much as a Nation?

Is prejudice still alive and well in our society?

Of course it is, only the objects of it have changed~


The Daily Republican
Friday March 23, 1888
Page 1 column 3
Ellen, wife of David Wells of Moral township,
died at 10:30 on March 22, aged 38 years and
will be buried at the London cemetery.
Services at the M. E. church at 2 p.m. today,
the Rev. Jones officiating.
D. B. Wilson funeral director.
London Cemetery, Moral Township
Unmarked Graves
Sarah Ellen Wells died March 21, 1888
Wife of David Wells
Daughter of John Nugent & Mary E. Brumage


William J Nugent was born October 1844 in Indiana

and died in Moral Township at 4 PM on January 27, 1908.

He was 63 and died of what was then called tuberculosis.

He was survived by his wife and seven children.

William was buried in the London cemetery.

William married Mary Elizabeth Deal on August 19, 1878

in Shelby County, Indiana and they are the parents

of my grandmother Bertha Louise Nugent.

Bertha Louise Nugent
Bertha Louise Nugent

My grandmother Bertha Louise Nugent
Summer of 1962 in Spencer, Indiana


My grandmother Bertha Louise Nugent was born on December 5, 1886

near Shelbyville, Indiana.

Her mother, Mary Elizabeth Deal was born in Illinois and lived near Shelbyville,

her father William Nugent, who was born in Kentucky, was a farmer,

and was also living near Shelbyville.

On December 8, 1905, Gramma married William Wright, a farmer,

who was born in October 1878, in Johnson County Indiana.

His father James Wright was born in Johnson County, Indiana,

his mother Elizabeth Mc Clarin ? was born in Johnson County, Indiana.

Zeph Deal and Mary Nugent were witnesses for this marriage.

It was a first marriage for both.

Gramma died on March 17, 1971 and William died in 1922.


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