A Lakota Prayer



Ate Wankantanka, Mitawa ki,

Wazi ya tanhan, ka te na Wa ska ki u ya ye ki,

Hena un taku ya kage ki, ya glu ska kta, he ca nu,

He iye cel, Wakantanka, Anpetu ki le, Micante Ki Mi ci yu ska ye,

He cel tohanl, nitokab woyasu ki el, wahinajin ki, ima ya cu kta.


Ate Wakantanka,

Wiyohiyanpatan, wi hin nape, ki,

He ciya tanhan Wiconi oyasin, hin na pe ki,

Wiconi mitawa ki el, anpetu wanji a ke mi qu,

Heon wo pi la eci ci ye, micante ki eciya tanhan.



My Father, Great Spirit,

Who send'est the wind and the White Snow from the north,

To make thy creation clean and pure,

Father, make me clean and pure within my heart,

That I may be accepted in thy sight and judgement.


Father, Great Spirit,

To the east from whence cometh the rising of the sun,

and all thy living creation,

Thou hast added another day to my life,

for which I give thee Thanks with all my heart.



This beautiful Lakota prayer was given to me

by Barbara Lovelace Peltier on my first trip

to Wounded Knee many years ago.

She and the Lakota People of Pine Ridge were the

inspiration for the creation of this web site.

Thank you for sharing your hopes and dreams with me Barbara.


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