Reference Resources


An Open Book by Ezra Cornell


" Minds are like parachutes,

they only function when they are open. "

Sir James Dewar

These photographs from the last century, capture

the true grace and beauty of Native Americans.

Amelia Frost and the Presbyterian Mission

This group assists Indian communities and

offers medical education and cross-cultural training.

American Association of Indian Physicians

Founded to encourage the education of Native Americans

in the fields of science, technology, engineering and business.

American Indian Science and Engineering Society

A good list of resources for American Indian studies research.

American Indian Studies Library Research Guide

Although not recently updated, there are still some

excellent resources listed here for Anthropology students.

Anthropology at Yale: Library Resources

Who is the new Head of the BIA?

We finally have a new leader at the helm.

The Bureau of Indian Affairs

One of the most sacred places in American Native History,

Cahokia Mounds is like no other place in this country

for discovering who our real First people were.


A massive collection of Native American reference

and educational resources from USC.

Center for Multilingual, Multicultural Research

This government resources web site lists many

agencies and is a very good place to find help.


If your studies include the First People of Florida,

this page has an extensive Resource list.

Florida's First People

An outstanding collection of links to everything

American Indian from Endicott College.

Guide to Native American Culture

The Peabody Museum of Ethnology

and Archaeology on-line exhibitions.

Harvard's Peabody Museum Exhibits

Official web site of the Intertribal Agricultural Council

"founded in 1987 to pursue and promote conservation, development

and use of our agricultural resources for the betterment of our people".

The Indian Ag Link

The finest collection of literary works on the Internet.

The Master List at the University Of Virginia

An outstanding reference resource, the National Archive

and Records Administration, offers some excellent

information about our people and our history.


An organization dedicated to assuring decent,

clean and safe housing for Native Americans.

National American Indian Housing Council

The Yale University library research

guide for Native American studies.

Native American Studies

Excellent Native American reference resources

from the library of Stanford University.

Native American Studies Collections

Another fine place to begin or enhance

your search for your Indigenous roots.

Native Web Genealogy Resources

A comprehensive UC Berkeley collection of data

about the Indigenous California people.

Northern and Central California Indians

These first-hand accounts, reveal the mind set of much

of the country at this time and expose the shameful

behavior of the US Government towards its Indigenous people.

Very reminiscent of the chilling must read book by Robert F. Heizer,

The Destruction of California Indians.

Notes Among the Indians

PBS examines the history of the people, places

and treaties that helped shape the American West.

PBS-New Perspectives on The West

These beautiful Native American photographs are

from the Pitt Rivers Museum at Oxford University.

The Pitt Rivers Museum

The Mother of all Native American genealogy resources online.

Your personal search for ancestors should begin here.

Roots Web

This unparalleled reference resource from the fine minds

at Stanford is an archive of the Human Language

with nearly 2,400 languages represented.

The Rosetta Project

A complete guide to Native American languages,

from the UC Davis Native American Studies Department.

SSILA - Learning Aids

A good place to learn about Indian languages.

Teaching Indigenous Languages

This Native American Language page has detailed maps

and information about the History of Native Languages.

Native American Languages

A wealth of historical data of particular importance

for those seeking information about Indian history:

Pre-Colonial/Native American Resources.

The Time Page

Two extraordinary collections of photographs and biographies,

from America's premier Native American photographer.

Edward Sheriff Curtis

The Tribal Index

The Library of Congress Collection

The University of Indiana has created a beautiful

collection of American Indian photographs.

The William Hammond Mathers Museum

This rare web resource of Indigenous people, issues,

articles, papers and news stories, is nicely

sorted by issue and geographical location.

World History Archives,

Indigenous Peoples of the Americas


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