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Global Art by Regions


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Global Art by Regions

Art has been defined in countless ways by

those who profess to understand it well.


Art in an elemental form is believed to have originated

in the Middle East in very Ancient times.


10,000 year old Art has been found on the walls

of caves at Lascaux, France and in the

stone works of the Ancient Egyptians.


It has been said that tiny drilled shells were

found in a cave in South Africa 75,000 years ago.

A primary form of simple Art was found

in the grave goods of the Neanderthals.


Not all in Society can possess Art, some of it is extraordinarily

expensive and out of reach to all but the privileged.

Consider that Van Gogh died penniless,

without ever having sold a painting and yet his work now

brings millions to the fortunate few who can afford it.

Whomever is ultimately given credit for being first,

the fact is we are all richer for having Art in our lives.


Global Art may include the following and many other forms:

Architecture, Dance, Music, Literature, Painting,

Sculpture, Media, Film, Photography, Theatre and Television.


These are places to learn more about the contributions made

to the Arts by the people of particular Global Regions:


Global Art by Regions



Art in Africa

Art in Egypt

Art of Ethiopia

Art of Ghana

Art in Kenya

Art of South Africa



Art of the Americas

Art History of the Americas

Art in Brazil

Art of Chili

Art of the Maya

Mesoamerican Art

Art of Mexico

Ancient Art of Peru

TaĆ­no: Pre-Columbian Art



Asian Art

Art in Bangladesh

Art in Burma

Art in China

Indian Art Timeline

Art in Japan

Art of Korea

Art of Laos

Art of Mongolia

South Asian/Himalayan Art

Art in Thailand

Tibetan Arts

Art of the Ukraine



Art in Belgium

Celtic Arts

Ancient Art in England

Finnish Art

Art in France

Ancient Greek Art

Art in Italy

Art in Venice


Middle East

Art of Ancient Arabia

Art of Ancient Cyprus

Art of Egypt

Art of Ancient Ethiopia

Art of Iran

Art of Pakistan

Art of Ancient Parthia

Art of Ancient Persia

Art of Syria

Art of Turkey



Aboriginal Art

Aboriginal Art Studies

Aboriginal Art and Story Telling

Art of the Cook Islands

Art of Easter Islands

Art of Hawaii

Art in Fiji

New Zealand Art


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