A Hoosier Family Reunion

Lions Park, Cumberland, Indiana

September 10, 2011


Last week, we went back to my hometown of Indianapolis for the annual family reunion.

It was all wonderful and seeing so many of my relatives made the day very special.

These are just a few members of my very big family.

My grandmother had 18 children and she would have loved to have been there on this day.

We stayed at a local hotel and also went by to see my school, Shortridge High School.

Please go here to learn more about my very big family: Ancestors


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So many cousins~

(Lions Park in Cumberland)

Walkingfox and me           Cousin Jack Wright and his wife Carole


Cousiin Leslie Wright, with brother Jack Wright and his wife Carole           Cousin Paul Wright


Cousin Louise Wright Kikendall           Another Hoosier tradition, Euchre! This is a very intense card game!


Breanna likes the smell of Carole's hair                   Leslie, Erick and me

Hi cousin Carole, I think your hair smells really nice, what kind of shampoo is that?

My mommy uses a very nice shampoo on me called Tropiclean for Puppies,

it smells like a fruit salad~


To see more pictures of our Airedale Breanna,

please visit her Google page: Breanna's Page

To see more pictures of our Family and the 2012 Reunion,

please come to my Facebook page:



At a Hotel in Castleton, Indiana

Drury Hotel Chef Tonya                  Drury Hotel Chef Tonya


Breanna meeting Mary                  Working on the web site pictures




My alma mater, Shortridge High School

(The oldest, free, public High School in Indiana)


Shortrridge High School September 2011                   The Principal and me   




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